Recent “Encuentro”

A L E R T !  ¡A T E N C I O N!

The Cuba Partners Network recently held its “Encuentro” (or “meeting” in English) from October 5 to 8 in Cuba, and orientation meeting prior in Miami on October 4.

Over thirty participants from the U.S. traveled to Havana on October 5 and then onward to the Evangelical Theological Seminary on Matanzas the next day.

For this meeting, priority was given to persons from partnerships who had never been to a prior partnership meeting in Cuba. It was a wonderful opportunity for long-time and recent PC(USA) partners to join together in prayer, worship and discussions with IPRC pastors, members and lay leadership.

More information about the encuentro, including participant stories and reflections, will be available in the upcoming CPN Fall 2016 newsletter…stay tuned!